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Ok I am back, and Here is a small change until I reorganize the website a little bit better.  Heck I can barely keep up with Wall Street downfall.  So anyways enjoy these jokes at the top, do not want to waste your time scrolling to the bottom of the page like Yahoo techticker to read the latest comment, just in case Wall Street recovers or even falls further.  We would not want to miss any surprises either from people in charge of this financial mess, now do we?



Shakespeare Once said: "Beware of the ides of March!"



lunar phases

My Prediction before end of the year on DJIA







































A New Message

 I have not had the chance to post any new cartoons all week this week due to personal reasons, but I came across something that a friend sent me to uplift my spirits, which I would like to share with all of you.  I will keep it short, but think twice about what you have lost after you see this video.  I hope this uplifts your spirits like it did mine.  If you know anybody that can use that special help to lift their spirits, please help.  I will try to do return back Monday to what I was doing.  Thanks again and have a nice weekend.  Click on the image below and view the video.  



Again Thanks for sharing this with you.




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To watch the video click on Georgie below.

Now that is full freedom, wouldn't you say?







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What we need to rebound this economy is innovations that would lead us out of this mess.

Where the masses would spend their money before they even earn it to receive such a gizmo as

Off to the drawing board.












Aint this the truth? Pathetic but true!










Imagine that this recession might help mother earth!!









Finally found it.






















You think oil will go to $65-$75?  Doubt it.  I think Lawyers will add at that to their rates in near future!















So you think you are having a rough start today, well then watch this 

Do not laugh, just thank God you're not traveling there

Ok what kind of a lawyer website is this without a joke on them?








Pathetic, isn't it. I need a lawyer right now sue them.




















Interesting enough, somehow all Financial reports indicate that Oil Futures on 12-21-2008 are around $42.xx which is not true.

I even emailed to correct the error, but nothing was done after 6 hours.  So I took the liberty to correct it for interested people.


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